Integration Governance & Synergies (CPMI)



M&A deal types, implications for integration and key success factors: value maximization in M&A; acquisition climate and target resistance; directions of M&A integration; dependencies between the acquisition strategy and degree of integration; key success factors in M&A dynamics
Integration Governance: Governance structure including Steering Committees, Integration Management Office (IMO), work-streams (functional and others), roles & responsibilities; integration design & implementation on day 1 execution; mobilizing the IMO; integrations as professional project management; handover from transaction team to integration team
Integration Planning: Integration principles and planning directions; business goals and integration activities; integration playbooks
Integration Process Models: Compact model; sub-project model; process model; hybrid model; development and tracking
Balancing Integration activities and day-to-day business: business as usual challenges in integration; how to keep the focus on day-to-day business; clarification on key customer journeys; the role and benefits of quick wins

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