Should a company with many M&A's have a dedicated team for pre/post M&A process

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    Renata Porto

    I absolutely advocate for a dedicated team, but I would also advocate for external collaboration (external resources) as part of it, versus having this team be composed fully of internal resources. Each M&A has its unique challenges, and even though having past knowledge of challenges and successful efforts is key, so is having a fresh pair of expert eyes helping a company plan and execute all PMI efforts. In my experience, using internal resources only can be detrimental to agility, creativity and flexibility.


    Suwinto Johan

    I believe all companies should have a dedicated in pre and post M&A Process, especially for the post M&A. It will be the integration team in hrd, business process. It will create the synergy and implement the pre strategy M&A.


    Fathurrahman Latama

    It is best to have an in house teams in pre and post-merger if there is an occasional deal in M&A. Especially if the deals are in the same industry over and over. The best teams may have knowledge and expertise in the industry as deals among other industry may differ. It will also reduce the cost to hire an external advisor.


    Bianca Stafford

    Definitely, where resources allow this. Each phase has its own specialty and people trained and experienced in terms of identifying the threats, weaknesses, opportunities and strengths in each phase.


    Cheryl Taylor

    Certainly yes. The dedicated team is priceless pre/post merger especially when staffed properly with knowledgeable, credentialed, agile resources. This team of resources if organized appropriately and governed properly will be positioned to save the organization time and revenue. Many newly merged entities rely heavily on external consultants that must ramp up on the organizations culture, processes, politics – this immediately creates a frontier between the internal and external teams. A strong team that is dedicated for the first 24 months to the merger possesses tremendous knowledge post integration and should be well positioned for succession opportunities as they arise.


    Melissa Mason

    Yes, a dedicated team with resources representing all key company functions (areas). This will build strong M&A functionality and allow for best practices across all phases of the deal.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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