Is There A Potential Rise of Strategic Acquisitions in AI Technology?

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    Benjamin Ervin

    This group is meant to explore the trend of tech companies acquiring other companies for strategic reasons like data sets, talent acquisition, market dominance, more in the AI space.

    Example 1) Nvidia looked into acquiring ARM, but ultimately didn’t finish. Nvidia as a leader in AI chip development.

    Example 2) Microsoft acquiring Nuance. This acquisition gave Microsoft a leading position in speech recognition technology.

    Add more examples as times goes on and add to the conversation.

    Peter J. Gondek

    Hi Benjamin,
    I was surprised to read that Apple has been the most active in AI and ML acquisitions. The recent news was that they were late to the game compared to Microsoft and Google, but maybe this isn’t true. It mentions that Apple has acquired up to AI startups by 2023. A couple of their notable acquisitions were Turi (Dato) and


    Vijay Tailor

    Unfortunately, i am not understanding the objective of this question. What is the benefit of making list of such acquisition here as they are already available on web. My real question here would be, how different such M&A’s would be compared to any other IT company acquisition?

    I don’t mean to offend here but wasn’t sure about benefit of such list to the group.

    Kathleen Robbins

    To even further this topic, I would add that I have seen a rise in integration of AI technologies within companies. Companies are making their own internal AI programs for their employees while partnering with AI firms. For example, my company has partnered with ChatGPT to make “ACMECompanyGPT” where all of our AI prompts are filtered and secure. I love this as a secure was for employees to start to use AI as soon as possible especially in secure industries.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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