Career Path for Post Acquisition Integration PM

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    Melissa Lehman

    What career paths have you seen for someone to grow beyond a PM for post-acquisition integrations?

    Tyler Grimm

    Interested to learn what others reply with also, but primarily corporate development and managenent consulting is what I’ve seen.

    Vijay Tailor

    I would like to extend this a bit with my experience.

    Here is the path way:

    1 Join as project lead under PM
    2 Become project manager
    3 While you in 1 and 2 role, acquire business process knowledge and financial acumen of industry that you are managing projects for.
    4. Become project manager with specialized industry (sharper your skill and acquire knowledge of specific industry)
    5. Join as junior consultant to assist complete Merger and Acquisition (strategy to hunt to closure post merger integration)
    6. Join as full time consultant to lead complete Merger and Acquisition (strategy to hunt to closure post merger integration)
    7. Perform this role for next 8-10 years – small to medium to large scale companies in the same industry
    8. Lead a business team of this industry and be head of business in M&A for this vertical
    9. Take CEO role of M&A company
    10. Form your own company in this space providing consulting services on M & A

    Hedwig Duronic

    I think being involved in PMI is a very good start to get into the M&A topic. Furthermore, you learn a lot on each and every function within your (and the target) company. This broad knowledge can be used to develop into a management role within your corporation or to specialize into M&A functions


    Dependent on existing background and technical expertise, a finance/tax/legal practitioner coupled with PMI experience could advance into strategic and management role rather quickly and provide valuable input to the business in identifying potential targets or even influencing acquisitions.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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