Reply To: Integration When a Company Has a Strong Culture


Dale Deg


My interpretation of your question and company description is that your company is “relatively” small with what is know as a clan culture. In addition, it sounds like your concern is an acquirer coming in and changing things so the strong culture is negatively impacted. Based on this perspective, I agree with Jenny’s comments that it would be imperative that your management clearly communicate to the the acquiring company executives that the current culture is key to what has made the company successful, and would be important to its ongoing contribution to the acquirer. What you are describing is the area I am focusing on, which is corporate culture clash.

Unfortunately, I have witnessed several technology acquisitions that were done only to gain the IP with little regard to the people in the target. It was concerning and sad to see these transactions unfold, since in one case, over 250 employees were let go with a 30 minute announcement over the PA system, to pack their personal items and exit the building immediately. 🙁


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