Reply To: Post Merger Employment


Josh Liang Wee Ooi

Very interesting concept. First from a practical standpoint, I think it is time consuming to execute and may lead to some breakdown in the day-to-day operations. Secondly, there’s the issue of who governs this re-interviewing process. Ultimately, it still needs a neutral party if the objective is really to find the best talent for the role, otherwise those who are conducting the process would still mostly end up with the parties that they are already familiar and comfortable with (and probably requires less training and management since there’s already enough to do when integrating a deal). True some weaker links within the acquirer may be removed through the process, but I think that would likely happen anyway if there were a suitable replacement. Unfortunately, I think the advantage will always be skewed to the acquirer. As in most things, the conqueror tends to have more sway than the conquered.

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