Reply To: What do you think about Emerging Countries Middle Market perspective in M&A?


Seun Yakub

Hi Marcelo,

I think that some emerging markets will experience great growth over the next couple of years.
For US or European companies looking to break into these markets they may see M&A as the quickest way to do this but of course there are also many risks to investing in emerging markets.

I once spoke to the MD of an M&A advisory firm based in a Latin America and he told me that valuing companies in his country is quite difficult is quite difficult as the business owners are not always truthful with the accounts of the business. I think these are the kind of things that make companies slightly more cautious when investing in emerging countries. Of course this is just one small point out of so many.

What do you feel would be other big impediments that would discourage a foreign investor from trying to enter emerging markets via the M&A.

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