Reply To: Cultural integration – Do you measure/track the employee satisfaction?


Millie Manning

Yes, we already have a confidential employee engagement survey system in place. Once a target company is acquired, we introduce the employee survey to them via their local leadership to make it feel less corporate and boost responses. For newly acquired companies, we ask 2 additional questions, “Are you satisfied with your company joining X Parent company?” as a driver question, and then an open ended question about what additional information they need re the parent company. We ask the driver question for 3 cycles after they are acquired (e.g. 6 months, 1 year, 1.5 years post acquisition). In our KPI reviews we look at both overall engagement for acquired companies, as well as the acquisition satisfaction question. In addition we track attrition through the integration process and beyond. The survey allows us to proactively identify detractors and address issues, including the speed and approach towards integration.

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