Reply To: Employee Engagement during M&A


Majed Faraj

Greate question Ms. Samantha

If the company is planning a merger or acquisition, decision maker should put themself into the shoes of their employees: learning that their company is being acquired by another company can raise a lot of questions.

To help ease employee fears and doubts, it is important that leaders understand their feelings. For employees, the M&A is not about the bottom line or growing the business. To them like what said, it’s about wondering if they will fit in the new company and if they will still have a job when the deal is completed. Company should work on an integration strategy that will soften the impact during the transition period.

– Keep employees informed during the merger and acquisition process as much as you can (communicate, communicate, communicate)

– Create and share your transition plan

– Unify organization objectives and goals

– Throughout the whole process, remain positive.

The impact of mergers and acquisitions can leave employees feeling uneasy and confused about their role in the new company, but keeping the lines of communication open during the M&A process can alleviate apprehension among all employees. 

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