Reply To: Do Key Customer Journeys Matter?


Maria Villanueva

Yes absolutely, Key customer Journeys Matter!

This is an interesting question and I agree with your analysis above. I would like to add that key customers are a critical factor in the valuation of the M&A transaction. In this regard, the M&A performance should continue to provide reason for the customers to stay with the new merged organization. In this light, customer preservation of brand loyalty should be a focus and more importantly security in their experience and relationship with the new organization. So contract enhancements, incentives, ongoing communications to ensure their concerns are heard are very important. In cases where an effort to streamline distribution channels, sales people, brand promise, price points, etc. is underway, a proactive approach should be taken with key customers to ensure that their experience with the service or device is not diminished. If so, this can have a negative domino effect and the fruits of the M&A will be in jeopardy. It will cost more time and investment for the business to rebuild the customer base, trust and loyalty when this happens. So best to handle this delicately with priority as part of the assessment and integration programs.

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