Reply To: Culture of the Leadership in an Organisation


Paul Gray, MBA

There is an old saying that “behavior is a function of leadership” which if you examine and test it will find that it is true even in our personal lives. If as parents we do not set the right tone and examples, out children will take their cues from us and resulting behavioral environment becomes our “default family culture” which our neighbors and friends will know us for.

The same is true for businesses.

Employees joining an organization, will eventually be conditioned according to the vision, mission and values in action by leadership, and not necessarily the written documents they generally received at orientation/onboarding. In an organization you will have what is known as “espoused culture” and “culture in action”. It is the latter that is most dominant in any organization (be it for profit or not) and will make, break or define success for many organization. Consequently, tweaking and enforcing the appropriate behaviors in management will permeate throughout the organization. Of course this assumes that enforcing translates to a culture of accountability.

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