Reply To: Change Management & Culture


Thant Coleman

For the last 10-15 or so, I have insisted that a Change Management Lead be a part of my program team and typically this resource will lead the “Business Readiness” workstream. Now of course the entire efforts is essentially “Business Readiness” due to the fact that we are attempting to ensure the business as a whole is prepared to operate per the goals and objectives defined, however I typically limit the scope of Readiness to the people side of change. As I define the workstream, Business Readiness typically encompasses;
• Risk analysis with the intent of identifying impacts to people
• Ensuring processes and procedures are defined
• Ensuring job aids and training materials are developed
• Ensuring that training occurs
• Ensuring customer facing tools are updated with FAQs and educational materials
• Ensuring that vendor/partner training occurs (when necessary)
• Ensuring internal and external communications are timely
I have never had individual workstreams handled their own “change management” related functions. As I feel a coordinated effort is best when enterprise wide efforts are undertaken.


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