11 April

on 12:00 UTC+1

Free Webinar: M&A and Integration Success – Telecom Insights

M&A and Integration Success – Telecom Insights

Gain insights into what makes M&A and integration successful in the telecom industry from a seasoned corporate development executive.

Whether you’re an executive or an M&A professional in the telecom industry or any other industry, our webinar promises to offer essential insights and actionable strategies for enhancing your M&A and integration outcomes.


Discover why the first 6 months after deal closing are critical for successful integration, as this period sets the foundation for operational and cultural alignment, risk mitigation, and the realization of synergies essential for the long-term success of the merger.

Important Details

When: April 11, 2024

Where: Live Streamed via LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook

Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CET

What You'll Learn

  • Critical Role of PMI: Understand the complexity of Telco companies’ Post Merger Integration (PMI) projects and why a hands-on approach is crucial beyond the deal signing.
  • Challenges of M&A Ventures: Insights into why many M&A ventures fail, with acquirers capturing only about 50% of projected synergies, and how a clear strategy and detailed integration design can improve success rates for Telco companies.
  • Maintaining Business Amid Change: The importance of sustaining the acquired company’s business operations amid organizational and cultural changes to avoid negative synergies for Telco companies.
  • Decision-Making Preparedness: Learn about the surge in decision-making needs during the first six months of integration in process-heavy Telco companies, requiring up to 100 times more decisions than in steady-state management.
  • Effective Change Management: Strategies to manage internal friction and resistance during the integration of a new organization, ensuring smooth transformation processes for Telco companies.
  • Retaining Top Talent: The significance of maintaining a positive momentum and meeting employee expectations to retain high performers and leverage their initiatives to address business and organizational challenges in Telco companies.

Our Speaker

Jonas Darke, Founder of Nothamn Management AB, is a seasoned corporate development executive with a strong background in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), sourcing, and complex transformation programs for global organizations. He possesses solid leadership experience from driving large projects and holding several CEO positions. He has held leading positions and consulted in various industries, including telecommunications, IT, media, life science, and the public sector.

Jonas spent 12 years in the consulting industry, where he founded and managed consulting companies focused on telecommunications R&D and advisory services.


In the early 2000s, he joined Ericsson, where he was responsible for several M&A transactions within media and consulting, management of three large-scale post-merger integration projects, and for setting up commercial partnering agreements. He also spent a year in the US, building up a sourcing organization responsible for USD 500 million of yearly spend in connection with a large outsourcing deal.


Since 2018, Jonas has worked as a management consultant specialized in post-merger integration, M&A transactions, as well as in strategic sourcing and partnering setups.


Jonas holds an M.Sc. in business and economics from Uppsala University, as well as an engineering certificate.


Jonas Darke
Jonas Darke
Founder, Nothamn Management AB


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