IHM&A 11-22 September 2023

Join the program in a virtual live setting and benefit from meeting other executives and professionals, extending your network, and explore how to benefit from global best practices in the hospitality industry. The program is taught by experienced practitioners and renowned faculty from across the globe. Training sessions: *ends next day

IHM&A Certificate ONLINE

Take the number one M&A program online available worldwide with a specialization in hospitality: Real world content developed and instructed by M&A practitioners Well structured and balanced content to succeed in transactions Largest number of experienced experts as instructors Materials specifically designed for online use You can complete the program part-time while working and without … Read more

Due Diligence (Module 2)

The Due Diligence module covers in detail: Financial Due Diligence Tax Due Diligence Legal Due Diligence Human Resource / HR Due Diligence other Due Diligence areas (e.g. Commercial Due Diligence, Antitrust Due Diligence, Environmental Due Diligence, IT Due Diligence, etc.)

Essentials of M&A (Module 1)

The Essentials of M&A module provides you with a solid foundation in M&A so you can deep dive in integration issues laster. This module covers: Various deal types M&A Process (buy- and sell-side) Strategies for M&A Introduction to Due Diligence Success Factors in Transactions: Takeover Strategies and Defence Tactics in Hostile M&A

Valuation (Module 3)

In the valuation module, you will explore Different Valuation Techniques for Mergers & Acquisitions: Various techniques such as Discounted Cash Flow (DFC) modelling, Transaction and Trading Multiples, and more Private Equity & Start Up Valuation Deal Financing & Payment Structure Deal Design & Structure explained step by step including a demonstration of building models in … Read more

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