Partnerships for Health and Human Service Nonprofits: From Collaborations to Mergers

Authors: Tine Hansen-Turton, Nicholas D. Torres, Richard J. Cohen
Year: 2014
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9780826128065
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The impossible becomes possible when a partnership is formed, notably in the changing landscape of today’s nonprofit environment. With contributions from expert practitioners in the nonprofit arena, this is the first comprehensive guide and toolkit for creating meaningful, long-term, and successful nonprofit partnerships. National nonprofit leaders disseminate their expertise regarding the creation of noteworthy nonprofit partnerships, mergers, and alliances. They describe challenges overcome and lessons learned. Detailed case studies address strategic partnerships at all levels, from successful community grassroots collaborations to full-blown mergers. The tools and methods described in the book will help readers to think strategically about consolidations and partnerships, to recognize challenges and opportunities inherent in different types of partnerships, and to successfully implement them.

The book guides nonprofit leaders in the creation of such primary partnership models as collaboration, administrative consolidation, joint programming, and corporate merger/acquisition, and how to select the model best suited to their organization. Authors describe how nonprofits can adapt to change more easily, use concrete data in decision making, best position themselves for partnership, and innovate in ways that have meaningful impact on reducing poverty. The book also discusses how to mitigate risk and debunks merger and partnership myths. Case studies illustrate a step-by-step approach to creating partnerships with a focus on best practices. A particularly welcome feature is the clarification of complicated legal documents, as well as a partnership checklist, sample due diligence information, and sample legal documents. This book is a valuable resource for current and future leaders in social service administration, the human services, public and community health, public administration, organization management, and health care administration and management.


  • Introduces the first comprehensive guide and toolkit for creating successful nonprofit partnerships
  • Written by respected national nonprofit leaders
  • Includes proven tools and best practices for creating different types of nonprofit partnerships, mergers, and alliances and choosing the best fit
  • Presents detailed case studies illustrating challenges overcome and lessons learned
  • Breaks down legal documents so they are easily understandable and includes a toolkit of key partnership agreements and documents

Table of Contents



Katie Smith Milway and Maria Orozco

1. Partnership Introduction and Nonprofits in the 21st Century

Tine Hansen-Turton, Nicholas D. Torres, and Richard J. Cohen

The Nonprofit Sector in the 21st Century

The Purpose and Audience for This Book

Chapter Overviews


2. The Emerging Market for Nonprofit Control: Business Model Implications

J. Kevin Fee and Arianne Sellers

Editors’ Overview

The State of the Nonprofit Industry, J. Kevin Fee

Industry Background

A Primer on Nonprofits

The Changing Industry Environment

Prevailing Nonprofit Industry Business Models

The Prevailing For-Profit Business Model

The New Nonprofit Industry Business Model

Implications and Speculations

Best-Practice Sharing: A Look at the Changing Nonprofit Human Service and Social Sector Industry and Its Private-Sector Competition, Arianne Sellers



3. Identifying the Right Partnership Strategy

Thomas A. McLaughlin

Editors’ Overview

Creating Partnerships: Structuring and Managing Are Valuable Tools

Economic Partnerships

Administrative Partnerships

Programmatic Partnerships

Backroom Collaboration: The Secret Sauce of Working Together Really Is Not Covert

Community Collaboration Funds Define Critical Juncture Financing

Collaborate to Fund

The Local Infrastructure

Create the Fund

The Subsidiary: Certain Words Can Be Very Specific

What You Should Do

Subsidiary Prerogatives

How Should We Get Together? There Really Are Not That Many Choices in Mergers

The Implications

On the Dotted Line: In Praise of Management Contracts

Management Contracts

The 3 Ps


4. Building a Culture of Collaboration

Ashley Del Bianco, Kate Rivera, Judith Bernstein-Baker, Natasha Kelemen, Ashley Tobin, Gretchen Shanfeld, and Annette Mattei

Editors’ Overview

The Freedom Rings Partnership: Community-Focused Collaboration, Ashley Del Bianco and Kate Rivera

Policy Change to Aid Immigrant Youth Spurs Collaboration: The Formation of the Philadelphia Deferred Action Network, Judith Bernstein-Baker and Natasha Kelemen

Building a Culture of Collaboration, Ashley Tobin

The Philadelphia Refugee Health Collaborative, Gretchen Shanfeld


The Transformative Possibilities of Nonprofit Collaboration, Annette Mattei

5. Collaboration Case Studies

Taz Hussein, Patricia Hampson Eget, Russell Johnson, William P. Brown, Jr., Robert M. Gallagher, Will Gonzalez, and Suzan Neiger Gould

Editors’ Overview

The Future of Health Care Is Here: Partnerships With Community-Based Organizations, Taz Hussein


Strengthening Programs and Services for Immigrant Seniors in Challenging Economic Times, Patricia Hampson Eget

North Penn Commons: Fostering Social Innovation Through Collaboration, Russell Johnson, William P. Brown, Jr., Robert M. Gallagher, and Suzan Neiger Gould

The Latino Voter ID Work Group: A Case Study of Collaborative Leadership in Philadelphia’s Barrio, Will Gonzalez


6. Joint Ventures in the Social Sector

Nicholas D. Torres


Marriage Partnerships

Parent/Child Partnerships

Appendix A

7. Administrative Consolidations, Administrative Services Organizations, and Joint Programming

Nicholas D. Torres, Jacob Cavallo, Arun Prabhakaran, and Tivoni Devor

Editors’ Overview

Fiscal Sponsorship: The Urban Affairs Coalition Model, Jacob Cavallo and Arun Prabhakaran


A Brief Look at Fiscal Sponsorship

An In-Depth Look at the UAC Model

The Pros and Cons of a Shared Governance Model


Put the Money in Your Mission, Tivoni Devor

Should You Partner With a Shared-Service Organization?


8. Merger Myths

Thomas A. McLaughlin

Editors’ Overview


Let Us Figure Out the Structure First

9. Merger Case Studies

Tine Hansen-Turton, Richard J. Cohen, Nicholas D. Torres, Kathy Wellbank, Joan C. Mazzotti, James Moss, Allison F. Book, Ann O’Brien, and Carl M. Coyle

Editors’ Overview

Deploying Strategy to Create Purposeful Partnerships, Tine Hansen-Turton, Richard J. Cohen, and Nicholas D. Torres

Partnerships: From Collaborations to Mergers

The Public Health Management Corporation Story

The PHMC Affiliation Model: Strategic, Purposeful Partnership

The Affiliation Process—How It Works

Innovations Through Partnerships in Recovery: A Case Study of PHMC’s IH, Kathy Wellbank and Devin Reaves


Background on Substance Abuse


An Innovative Approach to Collaboration: United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey, Allison F. Book and Ann O’Brien



The Issue

The Solution: Regionalization

Next Steps

Mergers in Perspective


Contributing Interviews

Author’s Note

The Onondaga Pastoral Counseling Center Nonprofit Mental Health Clinic: An Emergency Merger of Two Nonprofit Entities in Syracuse, New York, Carl M. Coyle


OPCC—Rescue of a Failing Not-For-Profit

Summary, Observations, and Lessons Learned


Cortland Community Reentry Program, Upstate and Hudson Valley, New York, Carl M. Coyle

Conversion of a For-Profit Enterprise to Nonprofit Status

Common Themes and Lessons Learned

Futures Forward: The Merger of Philadelphia Futures and White–Williams Scholars, Joan C. Mazzotti

The Rationale for the Merger

Why Our Merger Succeeded

TPFC: Merging for the Future, James Moss


A Culture of Merging


10. Strategies, Tips, and Legal Partnership Documents

Editors’ Overview

Mutual Confidentiality Agreement

Affiliation Feasibility Assessment

Due Diligence Request List

Affiliation Agreement

Management Agreement

Asset Purchase and Transfer Agreement

Sample Letter to the Attorney General

Office of the Attorney General Handbook for Charitable Organizations

Sample Memorandum of Agreement (Risk/Profit Sharing Agreement for Health Centers and Social Service Partners)


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