Book cover of investment banking in IMAA e-library

Investment Banking

Authors: Joshua Rosenbaum, Joshua Pearl
Year: 2022
Month: February
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons Inc; Updated edition
ISBN: 978-1119867876

The thoroughly revised Third Edition of Investment Banking: Valuation, LBOs, M&A, and IPOs (Book + Valuation Models) delivers the most current discussion of valuation and deal-making fundamentals essential to the work of investment bankers, private equity professionals, hedge fund investors, corporate lawyers, executives, and students. Drawing on over four decades of combined experience in investment banking and investing, authors Joshua Rosenbaum and Joshua Pearl explain how to perform the valuation work and financial analysis at the core of Wall Street – comparable companies, precedent transactions, DCF, LBO, M&A analysis…and now IPO analytics and valuation. Using a step-by-step, how-to approach for each methodology, the authors build a chronological knowledge base and define key terms, financial concepts, and processes throughout the book.

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