Corporate Governance and Regulatory Impact on Mergers and Acquisitions

Authors: Greg N. Gregoriou Luc Renneboog
Year: 2007
Month: June
Publisher: Academic Press
ISBN: 9780123741424
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Corporate Governance and regulatory pressures have been much in the news lately. How they affect the bottom line of corporations has been difficult to quantify, and research is just beginning to be published that addresses this crucial question. This book is the first collection for new research about the impact of takeover regulation and corporate governance on M&A financial results. It will be essential reading to any M&A specialist, an investment banker, a hedge fund manager, a private equity director, or a venture capitalist. Also a must read for financial analysts who follow M&A targets. The book presents research from around the world so it provides a global perspective on this important topic.

The first and only book of research on takeover regulation and corporate governance affecting M&A results Stands out from all the “How to” books on M&A and M&A disaster books because it provides solid high-quality research on what works and how different decisions affect company and shareholder value *Research provides a guideline for decision makers in investment banks, private equity companies, and for financial analysts

Table of Contents

1 Understanding mergers and acquisitions: Corporate Governance and Regulatory Issues, G. Gregoriou and L. Renneboog;

2 The effect of merger laws on merger activity: International evidence, A. Bris, C. Cabolis and V. Janowski;

3 The governance motive in cross-border mergers and acquisitions, S. Rossi and P. Volpin;

4 Corporate governance convergence through cross-border mergers: the case of Aventis, A. Bris and C. Cabolis;

5 Whither Hostility? W. Bratton;

6 Corporate governance and acquisitions: Acquirer wealth effects in the Netherlands,A. de Jong, M. van der Poel and M. Wolfswinkel;

7 EU takeover regulation and the one-share-one-vote controversy, A. Khachaturyan and J. McCahery;

8 Opportunities in the M&A aftermarket: squeezing out and selling out, C. Van der Elst and L. Van den Steen,

9 Valuation Methods and German Merger Practice, W. Breuer, M. Jonas and K. Mark; 1

0 Share buy-backs, institutional investors and corporate control, P. Ali

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