Book cover of business valuation case law yearbook in IMAA E-library

Business Valuation Case Law Yearbook

Authors: Sylvia Golden
Year: 2021
Month: February
Publisher: Business Valuation Resources
ISBN: 978-1621502142

Practitioners have come to rely on the annual Business Valuation Case Law Yearbook – and certainly the 2021 edition will prove even more vital than ever. The legal coverage and in-depth analysis from the BVR legal team deliver lessons learned to help appraisers reach better and more defensible valuation conclusions.

The Yearbook shows how financial experts helped their side win (and lose) in the courtroom.

The Yearbook covers key court decisions involving business valuation during 2020. Type of case law includes damages, marital disputes, breach of contracts, dissenting shareholder disputes, federal taxation (including estate and gift tax cases), intellectual property, bankruptcy, and more. All the cases featured in this book impart important lessons about applicable legal principles, approved and discredited valuation methodology, and the act (and art) of presenting expert opinions. This must-have collection benefits both the generalist as well as the specialist.

As with every annual edition, the 2021 Yearbook features an indispensable case summary table for easy reference.

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