Book cover of Building the Essential Business Valuation Templates in Excel in IMAA E-library

Building the Essential Business Valuation Templates in Excel

Authors: Shawn Hyde
Year: 2020
Month: January
Publisher: Business Valuation Resources, LLC

Building the Essential BV Templates in Excel is the first resource of its kind – a practical, hands-on guide to understanding and building Excel templates for business valuation analysis. While many practitioners choose to use off-the-shelf software packages, this must-have guide offers a more sophisticated approach that will prove indispensable for any BV practitioner looking to up his or her Excel game to the highest level.

Author Shawn Hyde, CBA, CVA, CMEA, BCA – a highly-respected valuation practitioner and renowned instructor on the power and potential of Excel – walks readers through the nuts and bolts of building templates that best suite each individual practitioner. This publication also includes web-based access to instructional videos and Excel template samples. Join the most well-respected valuators who build their own templates in Excel for maximum impact.

Highlights of the guide include:

  • Up your Excel game and take your BV analysis to new heights: Join sophisticated and well-respected business valuation practitioners and learn how to easily build a template that maximizes your valuation analysis and clearly showcases all conclusions
  • Harness the advanced power of Excel: The expert author provides readers with an advanced and thorough understanding of Excel capabilities and application in business valuation to best support analysis
  • Master the subject with a hands-on learning approach: This easy-to-follow publication includes web-based videos, Excel samples, and comprehensive coverage of numerous business valuation analysis scenarios

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