Beyond Change Management : How to Achieve Breakthrough Results Through Conscious Change Leadership


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Authors: Dean Anderson, Linda Ackerman Anderson

Publisher: John Wiley

Year: 2010, October

ISBN: 978-0-470-64808-7


“With this extensively upgraded second edition, Dean Anderson and Linda Ackerman Anderson solidify their status as the leading authorities on change leadership and organizational transformation. This is without question the most comprehensive approach for leaders who are serious about making change a strategic discipline.”
—Jim Kouzes, Author, The Leadership Challenge and The Truth About Leadership

A comprehensive look at what it really takes to lead transformation successfully, written by two of the “masters of the craft.” The author’s best-selling first edition has been significantly updated to deliver critical insights about how leaders can achieve breakthrough results from transformational change, even in these challenging times. The book introduces conscious change leadership and provides insights about the critical human and change process dynamics that leaders must be aware of in order to succeed, and reveals why most leaders do not see these dynamics. Most importantly, it highlights the shift in worldview leaders must make to deliver greater success.

The book outlines the author’s highly successful “multi-dimensional, process approach” to transformation, addressing change at the organizational, team, relational, and personal levels. It thoroughly addresses leadership mindset and behavioral modeling, culture change, and large systems implementations, providing best practices developed over three decades of successful consulting to Fortune 500 executives. Written for executives and managers, OD consultants, change managers, project managers, and change consultants, this must read book provides the foundation for successful change leadership and consulting.

  • Based on thirty years of action research with Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, the military, and large non-profit global organizations
  • Provides worksheets, tools, case examples, and assessments that you can immediately apply to all types of change efforts
  • Contrasts two vastly different leadership approaches to change, and reveals why only one works
  • Provides solutions for turning employee resistance into commitment
  • Outlines the common mistakes in change and how you can avoid them
  • Reveals the differences between transformation and other types of change so you can build strategies that really get results

Beyond Change Management advances the field of change leadership, and takes the concept of managing change in organizations to a whole new level. It is a must read for anyone wanting to stay abreast of advancements in the field.

Together with its companion volume, The Change Leader’s Roadmap: How to Navigate Your Organization’s Transformation, these books can be used as texts in corporate or graduate school training programs and courses.

Table of Contents





Chapter 1 Achieving Breakthrough Results from Change.

Chapter 2 The Drivers of Change.

Chapter 3 Three Types of Organizational Change.

Chapter 4 Two Leadership Approaches to Transformation.

Chapter 5 Building Organizational Change Capability.


Chapter 6 Human Dynamics: From Resistance to Commitment.

Chapter 7 The Role and Impact of Mindset.

Chapter 8 The Role and Impact of Culture.


Chapter 9 Conscious Process Thinking.

Chapter 10 Change Process Models.


Chapter 11 Answering the Call.


About the Authors.



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