I have been following Prof. Damodaran for a long time, reading some of his books, his blog and papers. I think that Prof. Damodaran has a “gift” for everything to make sense within a valuation, while keeping it simple and transparent. During my career of more than 20 years as a fundamental institutional investor, I have dealt with extreme scenarios like the 2000 Internet bubble, 2007/2008 GFC, QE, negative interest rates, COVID-19, etc. I think it is convenient to come back to fundamental basics, from time to time.

The online classroom was quite dynamic, with different profiles and interesting discussions. Prof. Damodaran is an excellent communicator and perfectly manages the time and attention to capture the audience. I found the course useful. I was afraid it was too basic but, on the contrary, it is quite actual, and it helped us to better undertake valuations of non-traditional businesses and startups, always from a fundamental and common-sense perspective.

I strongly recommend the course, both to junior practitioners to strengthen the basic pillars of valuation, and to senior professionals as a healthy upgrade of the valuation foundations and its application to new businesses.

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