I chose to pursue the IM&A and M&AP programs in order to gain knowledge that would allow me to better identify the tools necessary to enhance the value-add components of the merger and acquisition process. I wanted to sharpen my vantage point of the entire acquisition process from both a macro and micro level. These programs have given me the roadmap to discovering the integral intangibles, that are often times overlooked, which I will utilize in all of my future business endeavors. I decided to take the courses online due to the inherent accessibility and convenience of being able to receive the same world renown, quality education from the comfort of my home. I found that the online content was strategically constructed in a way that was digestible and relatable which allowed me to view the concepts from various perspectives. I felt strongly that by completing the IM&A and M&AP programs I could then leverage the knowledge accumulated for value-add purposes within my current industry. I would most definitely recommend this course to my peers and colleagues.

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