Narrow Market

Narrow market A market where only a few investors are trading particular shares.

Naked Option

Naked Option An option written without any corresponding security as protection in the seller´s account.


Marketability How easily a security can be bought or sold on a specific market.

Mezzanine Bracket

Mezzanine Bracket The underwriters who play a moderately important role in a securities offering by subscribing to a different part of the issue than the majority of thewriters.

Municipal Bond Security

Municipal Bond Security A debt obligation whose funds support public projects or governmental needs.

Mortgage Pool

Mortgage Pool A gathering of different mortgages managed in a mortgage-backed-security acting as a collateral. Mortgages tend to have similarities such as same interest rate or maturity date within the same pool.

Mixed Account

Mixed Account A margin account containing both long and short positions in terms of securities.

Moving Average

Moving Average An indicator that defines the average price of a security over a specific period of time. It is constantly moving as each time the average is taken, the oldest price drops out to be replaced by the new one.

Mortgage Bond

Mortgage Bond A secured corporate bond involving a debtor who must prove his repayment capacity and a creditor who is owed money. The bond becomes secure thanks to the morgage established on a specified asset.


Merger An agreement generated by two companies to unite them into one.

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