Traded as FWB: SAP
Industry Enterprise software
Founded 1972, Weinheim, Germany
Headquarters Walldorf, Germany
Mr. Bill McDermott
Revenue EUR 20.793 billion
Operating income
EUR 4.252 billion
Net income
EUR 3.064 billion
Total assets EUR 41.390 billion
Total equity EUR 23.295 billion
Number of employees



Is a German software developer headquartered in Walldorf, Germany.
Under the current CEO Bill McDormott and nearly 80000 employees, the company generated a revenue of around 20 billion EUR in 2015.

The company was founded in 1972 by 5 former IBM employees who developed programs on payroll accounting and bookkeeping.
Today, SAP is the largest software developer in Europe and the fourth largest in the world.

The core business includes software in the areas of accounting, controlling, distribution, purchasing production, warehousing and human resources.

Top 10 Deals SAP

RankDateTargetNationValue (in bil.EUR)Status
109.18.2014Concur Technologies IncUnited States6.91Completed
205.12.2010Sybase IncUnited States4.72Completed
305.22.2012Ariba IncUnited States3.56Completed
412.03.2011SuccessFactors IncUnited States2.73Completed
512.16.1999TRADEX Technologies IncUnited States2.10Completed
611.15.1999TradingDynamics IncUnited States0.73Completed
711.14.1994Powersoft CorpUnited States0.66Completed
806.26.2000SupplierMarket.comUnited States0.60Completed
902.20.2001New Era of Networks IncUnited States0.40Completed
1001.23.2004Freemarkets IncUnited States0.39Completed

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