Traded as FWB: MRK
Industry Drugs – Generic
Founded 1686, Darmstadt, Germany
Headquarters Darmstadt, Germany
Dr. Stefan Oschmann
Revenue EUR 12.845 billion
Operating income
EUR 2.232 billion
Net income
EUR 1.115 billion
Total assets EUR 38.007 billion
Total equity EUR 12.855 billion
Number of employees


Merck KGaA,
is a German chemical and pharmaceutical company based in Darmstadt. As an association limited by shares, the Merck family holds approximately 70% of the shares. The company goes back to the opening of a pharmacy in Darmstadt in 1668 and is today the oldest pharmaceutical-chemical company in the world. The family early began producing independent preparations, including morphine. As a course of the Second World War, Merck was separated from an American subsidiary, so that now two completely different companies exist. Formerly E. Merck exists today as Merck KGaA in Germany and Merck & Co in the US. Merck therefore enters the US as EMD (Emanuel Merck Darmsatdt) and Merck & Co is known as MSD (Merck sharp & Dohme) outside the US.

Operation divisions:

Biopharma (Prescription drugs), Consumer health (Over-the-counter drugs, health supplements), Allergopharma (Allergy drugs), Biosimilar (Biologic medical products)

Life science:
Merck Millipore (Solutions for protein science and cell biology, biopharmaceutical technology and lab chemicals), Sigma-Aldrich (Lap materials and equipment)

Performance Materials: Liquid crystals and Pigments & cosmetics

Since 1991, Merck has engaged in a number of M&A deals: 97 transactions with a value of EUR 32.04 bil. (for number and value per year, see figure below).


M&A Merck

Top 10 Deals Merck KGaA

RankDateTargetNationValue (in bil. EUR)
109.22.2014Sigma0Aldrich CorpUnited States13.19
209.21.2006Serono International SASwitzerland6.70
302.28.2010Millipore CorpUnited States4.50
409.21.2006Serono International SASwitzerland1.86
512.05.2013AZ Electronic Materials SALuxembourg1.83
601.05.2007Serono International SASwitzerland1.80
706.08.1999VWR Scientific Products CorpUnited States0.56
804.10.1995Merck AGSwitzerland0.45
1003.27.1996Seven Seas Ltd(Hanson PLC)United Kingdom0.18

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