Traded as NYSE: IBM
Industry Information Technology Services
Founded 1910 Endicott, NY, US
Headquarters Armonk, NY 10504, US
Mrs. Virgina M. Rometty
Revenue US$ 81.741 billion
Operating income
US$ 15.689 billion
Net income
US$ 13.364 billion
Total assets US$ 110.495 billion
Total equity US$ 14.424 billion
Number of employees
Website ibm.com
Source ibm.com/annualreport/


International Business Machines Corp.,

is an US-American multinational information technology and services company and one of the leading firms in hardware, software, services and consulting.

The company operates in four business units – IBM Systems and Technology, IBM Software Group, IBM Global Finance and IBM Global Technology Service (including consulting). The current CEO is Mrs. Virginia M. Rometty and its headquarter is in Armonk, New York.  With a revenue of 87.757 billion US $ and 377.757 employees, IBM ranked 31st on the Fortune 500 list.

It originated in 1896 when Herman Hollerith, who produced machines together with the Tabulating Machine Company which counted punched cards. In 1911, the International Time Recording Company and Computer Scale Corporation were merged with Tabulating Machine Company. Through this merger the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR) was born. In 1924 the company’s focus was primarily the productions of machinery for companies, therefore the firms name was changed to “International Business Machines Corporation”.

Since 1990, IBM has engaged in a number of M&A deals: 410 Transactions with a value of USD 41.3 bil. (for number and value per year, see figure below).


Top 10 Deals IBM

RankYearTargetNationValue (in bil. USD)Status
12007Cognos IncCanada5.27Completed
22002PwCC LtdUnited States3.50Completed
31995Lotus Development CorpUnited States3.26Completed
42016Truven Health Analytics IncUnited States2.60Completed
52002Rational Software CorpUnited States2.09Completed
62013SoftLayer Technologies IncUnited States2.00Completed
72010Netezza CorpUnited States1.93Completed
82006FileNet CorpUnited States1.57Completed
92010Sterling Commerce IncUnited States1.40Completed
102012Kenexa CorpUnited States1.35Completed

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