Traded as NYSE: PG
Industry Personal Products
Founded 1937, United States
Headquarters Cincinetti, OH 45202, US
Mr. Davis S. Taylor
Revenue US$ 65.299 billion
Operating income
US$ 13.441 billion
Net income
US$ 10.027 billion
Total assets US$ 127.136 billion
Total equity US$ 57.341 billion
Number of employees
Website pg.com
Source pginvestor.com


The Procter and Gamble Company,
is an American multinational producer of consumer goods, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio.
With a revenue of 76.3 billion US$ and 110,000 employees, P&G includes over 100 brands worldwide. Its current chief executive officer is Mr. Davis M. Taylor.
The company consists of the Global Buisness Units (GBU; development, brand strategies shareholder returns), Market Development Organization (MDO; implementation GBU strategies), Global Business Services (GBS; service as Control Panel or accounting; outsourced) and Corporate Function (CF; tax and legal department).
Additional units are the divisions Beauty GBU (Cosmetics, Perfume), Health and Well-Being GBU (Health Care, Hygiene, snacks), Household Care GBU (textile and home care and baby care) and Global Operations: MDO, GBS and others.
P&G was founded by William Procter and James Gamble in 1837. A special feature is that the marketing is limited to the brand of the products therefore the name of Procter and Gamble mostly remains in the background. P&G is mainly known for cleaning agents, personal care, beverages and food.
Since 1990, P&G has engaged in a number of M&A deals: 93 transactions with a value of USD 80.1 bil. (for number and value per year, see figure below).

M&A Procter & Gamble

Top 10 Deals P&G

RankYearTargetNationValue (in bil. USD)Status
12005Gillette CoUnited States54.9Completed
21996Duracell International IncUnited States7.2Completed
32001Bristol Myers Squibb ClairolUnited States5.0Completed
42003Wella AGGermany4.5Completed
51999IAMs CoUnited States2.3Completed
61997Tambrands IncUnited States2.0Completed
72004Procter & Gamble Hutchison LtdChina2.0Completed
82003Wella AGGermany1.6Completed
92004Wella AGGermany1.2Completed
101991Revlon Inc Max Factor,BetrixUnited States1.1Completed

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