CPMI – Certified Post Merger Integration – Amsterdam, Netherlands, October 2018


An intensive post merger integration training available as an open program to professionals interested to advance their skills and capabilities in PMI.

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This training has already taken place. Please refer to this website for current and upcoming opportunities for trainings on Post Merger Integration (PMI).

The focus of this 5 days course is on all aspects of post merger intergration (PMI) which indludes the planning and implementation, the governance and project management for integration, the identification and tracking of synergies, as well as the integration of various functions, such as finance, human resources, IT, etc.

This trainig has taken place in Amsterdam, Netherlands, in October 2019. Participants of this program are also part of the group Cohort CPMI: Amsterdam 2018 October. They also have access to all course materials online at our elearning platform where a course has been set up.

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