Certified Post Merger Integration Professional (CPMI)

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About the CPMI Certification Program

The Institute for Mergers, Acquisitions, and Alliances (IMAA)‘s Certified Post Merger Integration Professional (CPMI) is a tailored program to address the needs of advisors, management consultants, change specialists, corporate M&A and integration teams. The program covers all aspect of the post-merger integration process from planning to implementation. Gaining the CPMI designation signals to employers, colleagues and clients that you invest in being the best PMI professional you can be.


The Certified Post Merger Integration Professional (CPMI) program recognizes the need of a focused, proven and money-conscious integration process.

  • In depth analysis of PMI phase
  • 3 modules
  • Case studies
  • Global faculty


This M&A program can be taken full-time or part-time online only. If you are interested in taking a course module onsite, please contact our office directly:

  • Online only


Depending on the prior experience of participants, it usually takes the following time complete this M&A certificate:

  • Online: approx. 100 hours
  • Contact our office if interested in onsite module

Reasons to take this program

Participants take this PMI certification program for the following reasons:



The CPMI program is designed to address the needs of professionals working in the integration phase and incorporates all areas of the post merger process.



The program does not only cover the most up-to-date expertise on M&A from the United States, but also includes international know-how from all around the world, developed and emerging markets as well as cross-border transactions.



The CPMI program is designed as an interactive experience with lectures, real-life business cases from our partner organizations and provides you with M&A playbooks used on successful deals.



Busy? Unlike an onsite program, the CPMI certification does not require participants to complete each module within a designated time frame: give yourself an opportunity to succeed by taking the time you need.

Overview of the Content

The CPMI program is based on the scalable IMAA Integration Framework. During the program you will receive a full toolbox with playbooks, check lists, best practices templates.

Module 1: Integration Planning
  • Identify deal drivers
  • Performance metrics
  • Cultural Due Diligence
  • Clarify integration objectives
  • Define integration scope
  • Strategies, models & integration roadmap
  • Establish clear hierarchy & accountabilities
  • Identify project risks and assumptions
  • Outline key deliverables
  • Integration Schedule, Tasks and Budget
Module 2: Organizing PMI Process
  • Desirable vs. practical
  • Merger risk assessment
  • Operating style analysis
  • Project tracking
  • HR-Structures
  • Leadership development
  • Holistic communication concepts
  • Quantitative measurement
  • Qualitative measurement
  • Developing corporate culture
Module 3: Integration Implementation
  • Functional integration strategies
  • Quick wins
  • Sustainable process development
  • Implementation and tracking of risk management
  • Blueprints and sample templates
  • Conflict interventions
  • Group dynamics
  • Capture lessons learned, including mistakes
  • Compare integration performance to benchmarks
  • Manage systematic project shutdown

Benefits of Online Learning

Real-life business cases
All mandatory course materials included
Lifelong online access to most current content
1-year Individual IMAA Membership
Start right away
On-Demand video lectures & direct tutoring
Full flexibility
No time constraint
Work from anywhere in the world

Past Participants

IMAA past participants work for or have gone on to work for numerous internationally recognized institutions.

Accreditation and Recognition

IMAA is recognized or accepted by other high quality institutions as a continued education provider.

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