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    Ali Zahrani

    Agile M&A process:

    Can agile methodology that have been adopted traditionally in software development and lean annunciating help optimize M&A process. Agile software development in essence is built on continues improvement and delivering value. Built and developed by Kison Patel agile M&A focus on the following:

    • defining the deal value
    • prioritizing the backlog
    • enabling collaboration
    • collecting meaningful analytics
    • responding to change
    • continuously improving
    • creating a smooth workflow
    personally I haven’t had used this approach, does any have an experience with it ?



    I think it’s possible – agile methodology as an iterative and incremental approach may help to shorten the M&A process, say by speeding up the due diligence and red flags to deep-dive into based on fast-evolving business information (adapt to change faster).

    There are already courses in Agile for HR, Marketing functions, perhaps one of the Agile/Scrum organizations may launch an Agile for M&A too? Or IMAA for that matter.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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