Reply To: How to integrate small acquisitions and still retain its brand uniqueness?


Corynne Pierce

I work for a company that acquired a technology firm. We made it clear prior to integrating that we would “let booj be booj”. It is now more than a year later and the acquired company has retained it’s location (rather than integrating in HQ), retained it’s brand, all employees, and has the autonomy to run the business with the two original owners. This has proven to be a huge success as our two cultures are vastly different. They know technology much better than we do at HQ and they are often brought in as trusted advisers on other technology needs. Meanwhile, our IT/Product team works daily with the organization to ensure alignment across the companies and to effectively communicate new offerings with our membership. Creating this difference was not necessarily due to the size of the company acquired, it was primarily a decision made because of the unique cultural differences that made sense to preserve. Had we forced the culture of the acquirer on the target, I believe it would have been a much more difficult process and we would have seen turnover, as they were able to successfully recruit highly technical individuals who were attracted to the business model that was already in place.

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