Reply To: PMI challenges in tech


Dale Deg


In considering your question, I would need to separate “technology companies” into two general groups. One being a mature, established company that has established products/markets, policies and procedures, etc. The other being a company more in the start-up phase. In the later, the company value is typically tied to a few key individuals that are the technology drivers/experts and thrive on leading edge challenges and not interested on the details of running a company. The challenge here as the acquire is to allow them to continue to create and not get bogged down in administrative type demands. For many of these types, money/pay is not the primary motivator.

In the former, the integration process challenge as the acquire, is to balance quickly meeting the financial targets normally communicated to the market as part of the reason for the M&A, while not moving too fast with changes that cause concern or fear in employees. An area that I am focusing is corporate culture clash, which needs to be taken seriously by the acquire’s management, since is has been shown to be a major cause of M&A failures.


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