Reply To: Oil and gas industry M&A in the near future


Silman Ondrej Dia

Hi Senthilkumar,

I believe the auto industry is heading for mainstream electric. Many of the major car manufacturers are shifting their production towards hybrid or electric vehicles. Some like Volvo for instance have pledge to commercialise only electric or hybride vehicle starting this year. In addition in Europe new legislations are being adopted to stop the commercialisation of new thermic vehicles by 2030-2040 time frame depending on the countries.
For sure as the number of such vehicle increase infrastructure as well as electric power resources would have to be increased by the combination of renewable and nuclear energy. The oil & gas industry have understood this shift and this is why they are diversifying. Total the French oil & gas powerhouse has been recently for instance quite active in M&A activities purchasing stakes in renewal energy, batteries, etc…

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