Reply To: Should every large and midsize company have a team or person dedicated to M&A?


Jenny Ewen

I also agree that an M&A team is beneficial when M&As are the norm – you gain efficiencies from experience and can over time build out really great reference material. You can also then invest in some of the new technologies that are emerging that help you to analyze and model the transaction and integration – often these technologies are not easy to learn so continuity of users is beneficial, however I’ve been looking at some of these systems and they are really amazing and bring about insights that would be very difficult to produce manually. We struggle a bit because while some roles are global for M&A, others are regional and the regional people have to go through a huge learning curve when an M&A comes up in their country. It’s a tough balance to strike because the local knowledge is useful, the global M&A knowledge is useful and yet the team would be huge if the global M&A team was too rounded. WIP for us…

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