Reply To: Cultural integration – Do you measure/track the employee satisfaction?


Elizabeth Perlak

Its a best practice for organizations to track/measure employee engagement at any time. Ideally if you already have a regular practice in this area you can implement supplemental “pulse” surveys to take a temperature as you progress through integration that can help provide information about the specific moves you are making. I think its important to remember a couple things though in terms of company culture – you want to make sure the measurements and messages around what the enduring company culture is are clear and widely communicated. Everyone should understand and be engaged in building that culture. While satisfaction is part of what you are looking for, its also important to accept, particularly if there is a shift in culture, that some people will opt out. Be careful to distinguish the negative comments into those where you have missed the mark but agree with the direction and those who are not happy with the entire direction. Rather than diluting the culture you are building by catering to those who are dissatisfied with the direction, help them evaluate if they are onboard with where you are going. Its extremely important to understand where you are trying to go and not get pulled in directions by the loudest voices complaining.

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