Reply To: Employee Engagement during M&A



Given finite resources and time of the leadership team having clarity on segmentation of talent is valuable, which enables a communications plan which can be best leveraged for each group, for example those highest performers will justify more 1:1 communications and earlier in the process too, bringing them into the fold and giving them comfort that there is a place for them to excel in the post transaction entity, on the other hand there may be some loud detractors who are not considered as valuable, these individuals could use a lot of leadership and management time and may need to be ringfenced to ensure their negative impact is restricted. For many employees 1:1 communication strategies may not be possible however smaller breakout groups may be more effective at ensuring faster buy-in than the townhall approach which can be quite soul-less. I agree with the comments about the importance of pulse engagement surveys to ensure there is good data about engagement, monitoring sick leave and turnover for any obvious upticks is also an important gauge. Really good question.

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