Reply To: The M&A process during pandemic


Craig Hasler

Hi R Ganes,

Thanks for the prompt… it is interesting to see the comments above.

Based on my experience and interactions with others within both the private and public sector (target acquirers / investment bankers), I think those who are involved in the M&A world have adapted quite well to the pandemic conditions. Obviously there have been challenges without face-face meetings, but the reality is that with less people travelling, more people have been available for virtual calls and discussions (many working from home). In my industry (HVACR), overall M&A activity has actually increased from 2019-2021 by 2x which is not a function of the pandemic, but it does show that if there is shareholder value to be created, the pandemic situation will not prevent a deal from occurring. I understand the conditions can make it more challenging from a due-diligence perspective, but thorough research and discussions can help to alleviate any concerns.


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