Reply To: Would you consider acquiring a target solely based on the culture?



I believe a company culture is something you can admire and try to learn from, but thinking that you can adopt a culture because you acquire a company is probably being over-optimistic. By acquiring the company you are already starting to interfere with the conditions that make that company culture unique and trying to merge the two entities will always interfere with those conditions, I don’t see how that would not be the case.

If you truly admire a company for the culture I would consider a joint venture or another type of interaction, where you exchange workers (if there is a change for both parties to benefit from such a deal). It would also depend if you are competitors or in un-related businesses today. Regardless you would have to accept that culture is difficult to change unless you change the conditions in which that culture unfolds (as you would in an M&A, so you would have to be prepared to make significant changes and work with your own company and staff to guide the culture in the direction you desire.

M&A’s are expensive (they cost a lot of money and require a lot of attention and extra effort of your current workforce) and if there are no financial or strategical benefits to carry that weight I believe it could be one that will put great constraints on your current business.

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