Reply To: Counteracting one negative person from a target company


Steve Schwarze

Thanks for the response, Michael. I deal with the integration of educational assets for all of our company’s M&A activity. Strangely, I have found education, training, and enablement to be absent from consideration in the course. I am hoping this can change in the future.

The person involved is a customer training manager from the target company who was responsible for content design and development, curriculum decisions, delivery platform decisions, and all other aspects of education for the target company. They are coming from a very small environment to our company, which is very large. Their solutions will not scale. The target company is in the Developer Community of IT and our company is in the Infrastructure Community of IT, so the manager is insisting that any solution we have “will not work for the Developer Community.” Unfortunately, he is a very vocal person who, when he does not get the answer he wants through proper channels, bypasses proper process and finds a higher level manager within our organization, presents only his side of the story, and broadcasts out that his solution has been accepted. He is completely entrenched in the organization and will not be leaving anytime soon. Unfortunately we are well past due diligence and deep into our integration efforts.
What are your thoughts?

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