Reply To: Careers in M&A


Steve Schwarze

This is an interesting question for me because I am someone who is performing M&A integration duties as my “second full time job.” I am a content development manager by profession for the past 30 years and am just moving into M&A Integration work in the past year. I have plenty of opportunity to work on integration as my company has acquired 19 companies over the past 2 years. My initial duties are to get integration functions moving towards a minimally viable integration state for new acquisitions. Other duties then become to take several of the “older” integrations that are at an MVI state and move them towards a Fully Integrated State. I envy the full-time integration person we have who can dedicate all of his energies towards integration duties while I juggle integration duties with my day job. Having said all this, while I see that being a full-time dedicated M&A person would be ideal, you can go a very long way by adding your strengths and knowledge in PMI on top of whatever day job you hold.

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