Reply To: VP of Integration


Bradley D. Soto

There are a number of critical skills & abilities required to be successful as an Integration Leader:
(1) Understand the due diligence process to serve as an active participant & evaluate integration risks/opportunities for targeted companies including revenue enhancement opportunities, cost-saving opportunities, product/service improvements, organizational effectiveness, employee engagement, and other integration need
(2) Ability to develop comprehensive integration plans by translating the integration strategy into actionable steps to enable consistent integration results. Develop and customize and maintain an integration plan/playbook that can be adapted to a range of integrations based on size and complexity, and clearly define roles, responsibilities, tasks, key milestones & budget needs
(3) Expert in facilitating & leading high-level integration meetings with a Target company’s senior management
(4) Drive day-to-day execution of the integration process, including leading and coaching cross-functional teams, facilitating regular integration team meetings, and driving proactive issue resolution. Direct global cross-functional teams in implementing an integration plan ensuring that short-term and long-term strategic objectives are achieved
(5) Ensure all the financial processes and supports are in place to enable deal close and Day One business operations. Minimize disruption to the existing business while executing the integration strategy
(6) Define, track, and communicate appropriate key performance metrics to the project team & stakeholders; identify and communicate potential risks and mitigate control risks

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