Reply To: KPIs for the deal teams to achieve beyond sale price


Denise Gingolaski

Hi Tanaquil – you make some great points. I think deal teams do need to have some other objectives besides just sale price and sale terms. Many times, the Finance department is chasing down information such as bank statements, fixed asset lists, revenue reconciliations, and contacts in the seller’s business to help with integration activity.

The deal team sees all of this information first and meets many of the key players in the sellers organization. They need to be responsible to bring that information to the integration team rather than have integration staff hunt it all down again. We’ve had many sellers tell us that they’ve already given that information to so-and-so. It’s ineffective to have the integration team ask for it again.

In the best case, it slows down the integration. In the worse case, it creates animosity between the buyer staff and the seller staff when they really should be working at building relationships.

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