Reply To: Best practices to retain talent


Billy Fok Kam Luen

Some company have some great retention programs, it can be limited in scope unless the company have the foundation in a place like the culture of the company
People spend 1/3rd of their waking life at work. the company need to make them feel exhilarated, motivated, and know that they are adding value in what they do every single day. The culture embodies hiring great people at all levels, having career options, being recognized and rewarded, understanding what is expected of them and for the company to really listen to their feedback.

The best retention program for a company is a culture that unites, engages, and inspires its employees. If that is not in place, then what value would a formal retention program bring to your company? Develop a culture that brings out the best in people, not people that just come to work for the paycheck.”

Our focus clearly lies in nurturing a unique culture that attracts and retains great people.

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