Reply To: Do private companies that would like to sell really care for synergies ?


Beckie Callahan

Yes and no, owners of private companies would likely vary widely in their interest in synergies. Its depends on factors, such as company structure of ownership, what the goals are and the time horizon. For example, if cash flow is an immediate issue, the sellers may only want to liquidate to move to another interest or new business idea. Or if two company founders are in a dispute, they just want to cash out quickly like a divorced couple selling a house. A new generation may not be interested in carrying on family tradition.

On the other hand, a company founder may carry great pride in his business and really want to have a bigger impact — and want his technology to be spread to bigger enterprise customers or governments. Motivations are difficult to measure and likely change under uncertain economic conditions. Maybe family businesses want to merge to compete with the other industry players (wineries?). Just like people are very diverse, private companies are very diverse, so it’s hard to generalize situations which so much additional required context.

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