Reply To: Addressing Loss of Talent Mid Integration


Paul Gray, MBA

I agree with the comments of both Tanaquil and Melissa. Integration execution will have a life of its own almost when it comes to execution and during the process there is always the probability of unintended mistakes as well as possible underestimation of the integration efforts leading to frustration, especially at the Target whom are usually insecure. That said, during the culture integration body of work, it is instructive that the key talents are identified, those that if they leave for whatever reason, significant risk would emerge to the integration as well as the underlying strategic execution. To this end, it would be instructive that prior to legal day 1, lock-up employment agreements be executed with said, individuals designed in a way to ensure their continuity. In some transaction this lock-up agreement may need to be extended to key employees of the acquirer as well, due to potential uncertainties post acquisition.

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