Reply To: How to integrate small acquisitions and still retain its brand uniqueness?


Paul Gray, MBA

Each acquisition though seemingly similar will require a modified approach to integration or better yet its own playbook. As businesses evolve through time, they take on personalities to ensure their abilities to navigate and compete in their respective industries. These we often refer to as their culture or their identity…the thing they are known for. In some cases, the acquisition and dismantling of a brand can severely affect the expected synergy gains from an acquisition. In other cases it can translate into significant synergy gains. Understanding the brand and value of a target’s brand is important as inherent in the brand you will find goodwill and disruption or diminution in that brand can destroy value completely.

As Corynne indicated from her experience, the brand of the target was allowed to survive, with one consideration being the difference in the cultures. Additionally, the management team was allowed to remain intact which was a demonstration of the confidence in both the management team and brand they had built to date. This undoubtedly acted as motivation for a shared vision of the future allowing the management team to break new grounds to the satisfaction of the acquirer.

So in summary, the playbooks will be different for most acquisitions, however the complexity will vary depending on the type and nature of the business model.

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