Reply To: Do not listen to your M&A advisers


Paul Gray, MBA

To say “don’t listen” is a bit extreme but there is a lot being said in that simple statement. Advisors generally are working to get a transaction done and their compensation models are sometimes tied to the success of the transaction so their job is to advise you on what gets the deal done. Additionally, once the deal is done, the reality is that you will own the ensuing result(s) which could be joy or pain. Clients also use the excuse in failed transaction that they were given poor advice, deflecting the responsibility squarely at the feet of the advisors. In both of the foregoing cases, the outcome is not ideal and consequently the article I suppose is purporting that management must take responsibility for the advise they receive and use this advise as raw material in making a final decision. It is proportion that management must be critical of any advise receive ensuring that there is appropriate rigor applied to the assumptions or projected outcomes etc.

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