Reply To: Business as Usual


Paul Gray, MBA

This is a very interesting question and I too in a limited way have heard the term used in our firm for at least 2 previous acquisitions, primarily in the financial services industry. “No disruption” in suggests no material impact to the customer value chain but that the execution is conducted in such a way that it is seamless to the end-customer. This is particularly key in for example financial services model where most of what you sell is confidence. To achieve this, it is critical to have an integration management team whose primary job is on the integration and nothing else. They will do the heavy lifting, in design, and guiding execution giving due consideration to the endgame and achievement of the overarching strategic objective. The team could comprise of internal subject matter experts whom have been reassigned or via onboarding external subject matter experts. The key here is that the integration team’s sole responsibility is the integration.

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