Reply To: Addressing Loss of Talent Mid Integration


Tanaquil Chantrill

I think there are a few different ways of tackling this challenge based on what you want to improve or correct. For instance is it improving the execution of a change management plan, or is it developing a more robust “retention program” approach so that the execution is less likely to fail because the plan is so strong. Some areas to consider in developing the retention program is to develop a roadmap that covers all stages of a deal for the leaders to see and “buy-in” to. Similar to Melissa’s post, getting leadership to see the value should flow through to the ability to execute.
Another area of analyses which may not necessarily be “out of the box” thinking, is to define the retention strategy for each individual based on the role and future value they bring to the organization and the probability of the individual leaving. This will allow you to customize a retention strategy for each individual, increasing the chances of achieving one’s people retention objective.

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