Reply To: Who should be on the PMO and Functional Teams?


Thant Coleman

First lets level set. Depending upon your PMO you’ll have various and many skill-sets within the PMO that may be at your disposal. Beyond the project managers and business analysts, some PMOs will have Accountants, Marketing and all sorts of resources that in theory could handle any effort within the organization and not have to matrix resources (or not as often) from functional areas in order to get projects done. Most are not staffed this way but PMOs like this do exist. Most PMO have project managers and requirements/business analysts and along with these resources there may be solution architects and so on … It totally depends on the organization. You may have to utilize resources that report to a functional area in the business and these resources may be 100% assigned to supporting the integration/project or working with the project and still trying to cover their “day” jobs. This may of course be elementary but sometimes we must state the obvious.
With all this in mind, I would offer that regardless as to how you must acquire them, you’ll at least need the following;
• Project Manager / Program Manager
• Business Lead (this person should be well rounded in all areas of the business and can be a liaison for the Team)
• Functional Area SMEs (depending upon the size of the organization, you’ll need at least one or more from every functional area impacted. These folks should be gurus. They should be able to understand the big picture in terms of how the organizations functional areas and processes relate to one another. They can listen and readily identify impacts and risks posed by another department’s actions. When these folks return to a senior manager with recommendations, the managers will undoubtedly listen as they are proven experts.)
• Technical Lead (preferably someone very seasoned that understands systems and software. This person can also serve as a liaison to technical departments)
• Business/Requirements Analyst Lead
• Process Improvement Lead
• Quality Assurance Lead

Others may structure their teams differently, but this works for me. Realize that larger organizations may require a hierarchical structure within your team, such as 5 QA resources reporting directly the Lead for example.

I hope this make sense! If anything is unclear or you’d like to discuss for any reason, please let me know.

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